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Can you describe yourself?


A outgoing guy with a “big smiling” personality, love to connect with people. highly motivated and enthusiasm at work.


Why do you choose to work in Marketing?

Working in marketing industry allows me to deep research the market in the certain areas and it is often associated working with some of the big brand or project which is exciting to me. Other than this, diversify into other related disciplines such as public relations and advertising is the reason why I choose this job.


What do you like in Marketing of Fashion?

Fashion is something I have been always excited about it. Working in marketing as a starter which helps me to really get insight of the fashion brand in today’s marketing environment. And how to make fashion business works in the market, especially in Chinese market for such as fashion brand from Europe or overseas is really got my curiosity and passion for that.


What is the best Advertising Campaign in China according to you?

Burberry is the best online advertising campaign in China and worldwide.


What is your dream within 5 years?

Have a good balancing of work and personal life and go travel.


Do you have professional Dream?

To have a big career progress in marketing area additional to other area like fashion and advertising. And also have strong marketing skill to handle some of the big brand / project that I always wanted to work with in fashion.


What is the Digital Tool that you prefer and why ?

Social media marketing tools like Weibo is very popular, it often makes the brand easier to connect with your target and it works well in China because of digital is about everything in Chinese market. And LinkedIn is great one for my work connection.



Which Brand you will love to work for?

Forever 21 or young fashion brand newly entered into Chinese market.