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Community manager, 在线交流专家、项目经理

她 管理着我们客户的微博和微信项目.






Can you describe yourself? 

I would like to describe myself as a person with curiosity and perseverance. Also I am resilient man and am always willing to learn new things.


Why do you choose to work in Marketing? 

First of all, I have always been interesting in marketing since I learned about it in my university. It is related to many subjects and is practical. Moreover, marketing is essential thing to all the business.


What do you like in digital Marketing? 

It is promising. In China, we all know that online marketing has become more important for a brand. And people spend most time on the internet, digital marketing is a trend.


What is the best Advertising Campaign in China according to you? 

The launch of Smartisan, a mobile. The founder himself has raised discussion widely through all kinds of promotion and buzz, ensuring the product most exposure.


What is your dream within 5 years? 

Have lots of friends wherever I go. And I will plan to study for another degree after 3-year working.


Do You have professional Dream? 

Being able to promote a certain thing or a certain brand within a certain budget. Making the most of a campaign and could manage to do things efficient from planning to execution.


What is the Digital Tool that you prefer and why? 

Social media. It is a direct way to get connected with people but it is complicated. It is about targeting and learning people’s minds. At the same time, it is interesting and challenging.


Which Brand do you love? 

Disney. It is an empire, bringing joy and happiness.