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 interview of Lyn, community manager at Gentlemen Marketing agency 

Q:Can you describe yourself ?

A:I‘m a girl that seems very quiet,but I’ll be very noisy when I am with people who’re familiar with me. In my spare time, I usually stay at home watching videos especially friends call me out.And I love everything beautiful and delicious food very much.I am a person of honesty,sincerity and very interested in hard-working people.By the way,I am striving to be a person like this.

Q:Why do you choose to work in Marketing ?

A:I want to know how the market working and have a big interest in it.What’s more,the job I chose has some relations with my major in university and in my opinion,communicate with different people is very interesting. I love my job.

Q:What do you like in digital Marketing ?


A:I mainly work in social media with Laura and especially Weibo and WeChat. Sometimes I will write some articles and contact with some editors to publish articles.In addition,I will put some messages and articles on other platforms like Baidu Tieba,Tianya,Douban and so on.

Q:What is the best Advertising Campaign in China according to you ?


A:Durex had a very good Weibo advertising campaign.The content posted on Weibo  has a mischievous sense of humor and they could  relate to the interesting hot spots closely and interact with consumers.Just as a no related people,I would like to follow them and forward their contents.



Q:What is your dream within 5 years ?


A:Improve my English and travel to some interest places home and abroad.

Q:Do You have professional Dream ?


A:Know exactly skills and tools in social media, deal with customers independently.And strive to improve my oral English.

Q:What is the Digital Tool that you prefer and why ?


A:I love Weibo and WeChat.I can browse some news and interesting through Weibo.And WeChat is a very good platform to chat with people and share something with them.

Q;Which Brand you love ?


A:It seems that I don’t have a favorite but I prefer things that are natural and have a good work